Apostille Legalization Service

Why do you need Apostille legalization?

Many foreign authorities require that the document be legalized if you use a public document abroad. Legalization is a confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the signature on the given document is genuine.

Legalization merely confirms the signature's authenticity and does not confirm the document's contents. This confirmation is given in a regular stamp or a so-called Apostille stamp. Legalization gives the legal document force abroad; the document obtains legal validity and becomes active. Without legalization, the document has no legal effect in that country.

To know if your marriage document from Denmark needs apostille legalization, we recommend contacting your local authority. If you are told by the local authority that your marriage document is to have apostille legalization, you can ask your consultant to assist you with it.

Suppose you get married at Copenhagen City Hall or Frederiksberg City Hall, after your wedding. In that case, we will receive your marriage document and arrange to drive to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have Apostille legalization issued on the papers. You can also spend your time enjoying your wedding day while we will arrange the documents.

If you choose to get married in Aeroe, Tonder, or Esbjerg, you can send your marriage certificate by mail to Wedding Planner Denmark's postal address. Once we receive the document, we will immediately drive to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have apostille legalization issued on the papers.

The document will get a stamp and be ready for pick-up in 3 to 5 days. When you have traveled to your home country, we will send your marriage document to your residence with Post Nord service.

What is included in the Apostille legalization service?
  • Legal administration fees
  • Shipping fee where the document sent to your place of residence
How many certificates do I get legalized?

You usually get two marriage certificates right after your ceremony at the City Hall. Our fee is for the legalization of two documents and shipping by post to your residence.

How can I legalize my Danish wedding certificate from abroad?

If you have previously married in Denmark and need your certificate legalized, we can legalize your document when we receive it. We will then ship it back to you with Post Nord.