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Our most popular package!

City Hall

We help you with all the basics for a beautiful city hall wedding in Denmark. 

This is our most popular package.

Price: 799 €* | APOSTILLE: No

*25% danish VAT included

express wedding denmark couple

EXPRESS WEDDING (Only 10 days)

Express Wedding

If you rush to get married in Denmark, we will push your wedding in front of the line. We guarantee you a maximum of 10 days of process from when you send us the marriage documents we need. 

PRICE: 1199 €* | APOSTILLE: No

*25% danish VAT included

outdoor wedding denmark couple holding hands

Married in the beauty Danish nature?

Romantic open Air Wedding

We have a lot of beautiful spots to choose from. Let us help you arrange the perfect location for your spot for your open-air wedding. 

PRICE: 1199 €* | APOSTILLE: No

*25% danish VAT included

Let us handle everything

Wedding and Hotel

Enjoy your big day and each other. Let us handle everything, from paperwork to apostille to the photographer to your Apostille Legalization. The hotel is also included in this package. 

PRICE: 1699 €* | APOSTILLE: Yes

*25% danish VAT included

apostille document

Need International approved wedding?

Apostille approval

This is an add-on you can add to any of our packages. We can hand over the apostille approval while you are in Denmark. Otherwise, we will send it by UPS to your postal address. 


*25% danish VAT included

98% of our customers gave us a five star review:


98% of our customers gave us a five star review:


Want Your Danish Wedding To Be Perfect And Memorable?

We have the experience, and can surely make your day perfect and outstanding.

Suppose you choose the City Hall, Romantic Open Air wedding, Wedding and Hotel or Express wedding. In that case, we will send you a detailed documentation list of all the necessary documents for your marriage application to be processed at The Danish Family Court.

Once you have given us a power of attorney, we are granted the full right to communicate with The Danish Family Court. We will guide you how to fill the marriage application form and send it along with all the necessary documents to them.

If you choose City Hall, we will collect all your documents and review whether all the necessary documents we need from you are in order. When we believe that all documents are in order, we forward them to The Danish Family Court.

If you choose Wedding and Hotel, you get three days overnight with breakfast at Hotel Square Copenhagen.

A Romantic Open-Air Wedding is for those who want to get married in nature. We will book and coordinate a registrar from one of the selected City Hall, and the registrar shows up where you would like to hold your wedding ceremony.

Although the City Hall service is our most popular, we highly recommend taking the Express Wedding from the beginning.

Completing the application correctly can make a big difference to the time it takes to process your request, and because we take care of the application for you as part of the service you have chosen, you can be sure that it is carried out correctly.

Whichever one of our packages you choose, the fee of 220 Euros is included in the price. We are responsible for paying the 220 Euros fee to The Danish Family Court because you have given us the power of attorney to handle your application to The Danish Family Court.

Whether you have chosen one of our packages, we prefer that you first transfer the money and then send us all the necessary documents to

You can pay via a bank transfer.

Payment details

Bank: Danske Bank

Registration number: 3409, account number 12936370

IBAN: DK3930000012936370


Would you please state your name and send a photo of when you have transferred the money? 

Depending on which of our package you choose we can arrange your wedding in Denmark from only 799 Euros.