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The Wedding Process in Denmark

The team behind Wedding Planner Denmark always strives for high customer service and quality. Our team is qualified to handle both straightforward and complex inquiries.

Our highly skilled consultants are ready to assist with any questions you may have. Together with our team, plan your wedding day to ensure a fantastic and unforgettable day.


We get a lot of inquiries from foreign couples that are considering getting married in Denmark. Many of them have heard from their friends how fast they can get married. International couples choose Denmark because the authorities in their country require many documents, and the case processing takes up to several weeks, maybe months.

For those of you thinking Wedding Planner Denmark, we have listed the required documents, which are so simple where you can read more about what you need to submit to get married in Denmark. Through Wedding Planner Denmark, you are assured that we will assist with the advice and guidance you like a couple of need.

Many may be curious about what they can experience in Denmark and how a wedding in Denmark takes place - this is one of the most frequently asked questions.

You can experience Copenhagen´s many beautiful sights via Copenhagen Card and other cities like Frederiksberg, Tonder, Aeroe, and Esbjerg/Ribe.

Your consultant will help you with everything you need and will be present if you need it.

You can contact us by e-mail at or Whatsapp at +4552723896. However, we prefer to contact us by e-mail.

As soon as you contact us, we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

We will then ask you questions so that we can better understand you and your partner's circumstances. Once you have responded to these, you will receive a preliminary document list. The document list is entirely free.

When you choose to proceed with our service, we will dialogue with you about the next step, the required documents.

When you choose to proceed with one of our services, you can start gathering your documents. You must send all the necessary documents to our e-mail at  with color and actual size.

Once we receive your documents, we will ask you to make the payment, where you can choose between Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Open-Air service. Once we receive the payment, your consultant will review all your documents and list which documents we have received. If we believe we are missing additional documents, we will contact you by e-mail.

We will send you a marriage application form and power of attorney to get married in Denmark. You need to fill out both of them and send all the necessary documents to Wedding Planner Denmark. We need the power of attorney because we will represent you in The Danish Family Court.

Your documents will only be processed after receipt of the booking fee paid to Wedding Planner Denmark. You can send the receipt to us by e-mail.

Your documents will be checked thoroughly when we have received your receipt of the booking fee and sent them for approval to The Danish Family Court.

Your case in The Danish Family Court takes five working days. Once they have processed and approved the application, we will plan with you which City Hall you want to get married.

Soon to be married in Denmark, how exciting. Your wedding date is booked, and your documents are approved. If you have chosen our Gold service, you already know which hotel to stay at.

Regardless of which service you choose, you must bring your passport and ID card that you have sent to us. They must be presented to the City Hall the day before your wedding day. When you arrive at the City Hall on the same day or before your wedding day, you should go to the wedding office where the staff is ready to welcome you. They will review your passport and ID card that you have sent in advance to the Wedding Planner Denmark.

Once reviewed and approved, you can prepare for the wedding ceremony, the same day or after. This process will not take very long. It depends on which City Hall you have chosen. It is essential to mention that the wedding ceremony will take place in Danish, English or German.

If you have brought two witnesses yourself, they are the ones you choose to bring in the wedding room; otherwise, the City Hall can make two witnesses available for your wedding ceremony.

You are now married, and it is time to go home to your home country after a fantastic stay in Denmark. We find that many of our wedding couples write to us about their experience throughout the journey from their home country to Denmark, how much service we have provided, and how we can improve.

We love receiving feedback from our customers.

We are still there for you if you have any questions or help concerning your marriage certificate in Denmark.

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Wedding Services

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How It Works

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City Halls in Denmark

City Halls in Denmark

We have chosen the most romantic and beautiful town halls in Denmark. You are free to choose Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tonder, Aeroe or Esbjerg / Ribe. If you want a completely different City Hall, we can also arrange it for you.
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The expected case processing time in The Danish Family Court is five working days.

When The Danish Family Court has processed and approved your application, you can choose your wedding ceremony at one of the following City Halls: Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tonder, Aeroe, or Esbjerg/Ribe.

You must spend at least two days in Denmark. The stay for two days in Denmark is necessary because you have to show your passport and ID card to the staff at the City Hall regardless of whether you choose to get married in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tonder, Aeroe, or Esbjerg/Ribe.

Depending on which City Hall you have chosen, you can attend the same day or the day before your wedding ceremony.

If you choose Gold, Silver, or Open-Air, we will make sure to fill out the application form for you. We can only do this if you give us a power of attorney to communicate with The Danish Family Court and the City Hall staff members you have chosen.

Completing the application form will be based on the information we receive from you.

On the other hand, if you choose Bronze service, you must complete the application form yourself.

The application process in The Danish Family Court is online. According to the legislation, The Danish Family Court must return to you and us within five working days.

Once you have heard from The Danish Family Court, there is no requirement that they turn to you within a specific time frame. This is due to their prioritization of new applications.

As The Danish Family Court and the City Halls are our partners, we are in constant contact with them, and they help us find solutions to any challenges that may arise.

The wedding ceremony at City Hall takes about ten minutes in romantic and historic locations. If you want an outside civil wedding, then Aeroe is the right place to choose. You can select our Open-Air service, which matches Aeroe.

If you wish, the ceremony can also be conducted in English or German. There is room to give vows as well as wedding rings. Then you sign your marriage certificate with your witnesses.

You are always welcome to bring your witnesses.

If you take witnesses, it is a requirement that they are over 18 years of age.

All of the five City Halls can still help you find witnesses if you do not have any yourself. If so, we make sure to prepare and provide you with information about this before your wedding.

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