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What documents do you need to accomplish your marriage in Denmark?

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which document do you need to get married in Denmark?

There are special rules for getting married in Denmark. To facilitate the processing of the case, it is essential to scan the documents in colors and actual sizes and send them in advance to us by e-mail at

You must have your passport and ID card that you have already sent to us and present them to the wedding office at the chosen City Hall.

Your consultant will review whether we have received all the documents to ensure compliance with the processing time. You can contact us by e-mail, and we will send you a list of the papers that suit you and your partner.

It depends on your situation, and you need one or more of the following documents to meet the requirements to get married in Denmark:

  • valid passport – both of you need to attach photos of all pages in your passport, including front and back and blank pages – the pictures must be in color, and they must be of excellent quality.
  • Your ID card (valid for EU citizens only) – we must receive photos of both sides of the ID card – the pictures must be in color and be of excellent quality.
  • Residence certificate. Proof of your address in the state of residence.
  • Suppose you have one or more children together – birth certificate (s) for your child/children. The document must be submitted in the original language and translated into either English, German or Danish.
  • If you have been married before, please attach documentation that the marriage has been dissolved by divorce, death, or annulment: photo or copy of divorce decree, image or document of the death certificate, photo or copy or annulment of marriage.

All documents must be translated into English, German, or Danish.

Please send your documents to us by e-mail at

When we have received your documents, reviewed and approved by The Danish Family Court, we will send you an e-mail and inform you if your priority wedding date is available. Otherwise, we will find a free appointment to suit your wishes.

After the ceremony

You receive a two-piece marriage certificate in five languages (English, German, Spanish, French, and Danish).

Send Documents

The required documents needs to be send via email to us. If you choose the apostille option we will hand over your documents while you are in Denmark, or deliver them to your home address via UPS Delivery service.


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