About us

Hi! I am Fatih & Anna Coskun
Founder and owner of Wedding Planner Denmark

Let me tell you our story. 

Our story started in Germany, and we fell in love. It was not long before we decided that we (Fatih and Anna) should get married in Denmark. 

We got married in 2016, so we have been through the whole process. The process was challenging because we had no one who could arrange or coordinate the process. Based on our history, we got the idea to start our own business - Wedding Planner Denmark.

We know how important it is to have the support and inspiration to prepare for one's special day. Our work is wholehearted, as it makes us happy to help other couples get married most optimally. We know what it takes to have an unforgettable day without stressing the least.

We have in-depth knowledge of administrative procedures and close cooperation with Danish authorities and our business partners. Therefore, you and your partner guarantee that the Wedding Planner Denmark plans organizes and coordinate your special day.

The Wedding Planner Denmark takes pride in helping couples from abroad who want to get married in Denmark. We have many years of experience with marriages in Denmark, and we want to enable couples to have the most romantic and extraordinary wedding they dream of.

In line with our work, we have traveled around the world for many years, and we have acquired excellent communication skills with people from different countries and cultures.

Our goal and passion help people worldwide want to get married in Denmark. We take pride in everything the couple wants, from the small to the essential details. Contact us by e-mail at info@weddingplannerdenmark.com, and we will be ready to answer your questions.