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Why should i choose the apostille?

If you are getting married in Denmark, there is a high probability that you will have to prove your marital status or provide legal proof of your marriage in another country. This can be done with Danish Apostille legalization, which is a certificate that confirms that your marriage certificate is official and genuine.

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What is an Apostille?

We can help you get your marriage certificate legalized. We consider it a standard procedure, and the chances are that most international foreign couples will have to show their marriage certificate for official use outside Denmark. Whether you want to get this done is up to you, but we recommend it.

Below you can read more about apostille.

Public documents such as marriage certificates to be used abroad must, in many cases, be legalized or endorsed with a so-called apostille. Many foreign authorities require that the document be legalized if you need to use a public document abroad. Legalization is a confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the signature on the given document is genuine.

This confirmation is given as an ordinary stamp or a so-called Apostille stamp. Legalization provides the document with legal force abroad, i.e., the document acquires legal validity and becomes valid. Without legalization, your marriage certificate has no legal point in the country you are residing. Legalization is solely a confirmation of the signature’s authenticity and is, therefore, not a confirmation of the document’s content.

Many foreign authorities also require that the document be translated into the language spoken in that country by an authorized translator.

Price: 249 €

Who would need apostille?

If you doubt whether you need the apostille approval, please do not hesitate to contact us; we are experts in this area. Please reach out; we will happily help you with all your questions. 

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