Terms and Conditions for Wedding Planner Denmark

WPD (Wedding Planner Denmark)
Bymuren 105, 2. tv.
Hvidovre 2650, Danmark
Phone: +4552723896
VAT number: 40810854


Insufficient documents

It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to submit the required color and actual size documents. Suppose The Danish Family Court, City Halls, and other Danish authorities assess and decide your documents are not genuine or there is a lack of documents, in the worst-case scenario. In that case, your wedding arrangement can be canceled without we refunding the Gold, Silver, Bronze or Open-Air service you have paid to Wedding Planner Denmark. When you have sent your documents to Wedding Planner Denmark, you also accept our terms. § Additional documentation requested by the Danish administration.

The Danish Family Court may decide that additional documentation should be sent if needed. However, it can not be predicted by our company and advisors, and we cannot be held responsible for any delays at the time of the case. In these cases, we will try to help you solve any challenges, such as transmitting other documents to The Danish Family Court and more.


Wedding Planner Denmark accepts online payments with the following credit cards Visa/Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro.

Once we receive all your documents, you will be asked to choose one of the packages we have under Prices and Services. Once you have selected the package, you have to make a payment.

You must first transfer 99 euros to us as a deposit, and we will send you a preliminary document list. The payment is not refundable.

Once you have sent us the required documents, we will, for the second time, ask you to transfer half of the selected service of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Open-Air Wedding.

If you have selected Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Open-Air and have paid for the service, we will pay 220 euros to The Danish Family Court. The payment made by Wedding Planner Denmark to The Danish Family Court is non-refundable to the customer.

The remaining amount contained in the service is non-refundable to the customer.

All prices on the website include VAT.

The website uses the following currencies for pricing: Euro (EUR)

Wedding Planner Denmark uses a secure payment server that encrypts all information with SSL protocol, meaning your data is secure and cannot be read by other third parties.

Wedding Planner Denmark's website also uses encryption with SSL protocol.

If you regret your purchase (Withdrawal)

No right of refund is granted on the three packages purchased in our webshop, as the product is of such a nature that, under Danish law, the right of return cannot or should not be granted. Learn more at forbrugerombudsmandens website.

§ Apostille service
Cancellation - if you have requested to use our Apostille Service and decide to cancel before performing the service, the full amount will be refunded.

§ Change of wedding date
If you choose to change your wedding date more than 14 days before the confirmed wedding date as determined, we will charge a redistribution date of € 80. However, if you choose to change the wedding date less than 14 days before the confirmed wedding date as determined, we will charge a redistribution date of 249 Euro.


According to the Danish Sales Law, there is a 2-year warranty on products, and the warranty applies to all errors in software, material, and fabrication.

Complaints regarding errors and defects must be reported to Wedding Planner Denmark reasonably after receiving the goods. We consider a maximum of months as a reasonable time unless otherwise agreed. We will refund reasonable shipping costs.

The complaint waives the right to warranty if the items are handled improperly or unusually.
Wedding Planner Denmark covers return costs to a reasonable extent.

When returning, please get in touch with us at:

Bymuren 105, 2. tv.
Hvidovre 2650, Danmark
Phone: +4552723896
Mail: info@weddingplannerdenmark.com

Warranty complaints will not be accepted if a cash-on-delivery system sends them.


Wedding Planner Denmark acts as a link between the partners and the end customers. Any disagreement between the bought service and our partners can complain directly to Absalon, The Danish Family Court, Limousine.

If the service does not meet what is stated on the website, then the financial responsibility lies with Wedding Planner Denmark. The scenario could be that you order our Gold service, where you get a hotel stay included in the service. If the hotel room is not in the expected condition, you can complain to the hotel.

If our partner (i.e., the hotel, etc.) cancels the booking or service after the agreement has been made, you will receive a refund.