Town Hall locations in Denmark

We have made a brief description of Town Hall locations in Denmark. We have a cooperation with Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tonder, Aeroe, Esbjerg/Ribe Town Hall. Suppose it contains this opportunity from Denmark, which you can choose according to your needs and wishes. Below you can look at google maps, on we have chosen Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aeroe, Tonder, Esbjerg/Ribe.

We work with the above Town Halls. If these Town Halls do not suit you, we would be happy to find a new one.

Think when choosing a town hall for your wedding in Denmark

We get many inquiries from foreign couples who want to experience Denmark in different ways. We have decided to analyze the questions thoroughly and carefully. We have chosen locations to suit the bridal couple's wishes and needs.

You do not necessarily have to choose a Town Hall wedding. As a couple, you can choose to get married on a beach, botanical garden, or the church.

Based on the bridal couple's wishes, we choose which location will suit them best to have an unforgettable experience. Our job is to coordinate and listen to the customer's wishes and needs.

Our support team will guide and advise you on the best location. We want to have a pleasant experience with you.

Locations of the Town Halls

As you can see at Google Map, Denmark is not a big country. At the beginning of your wedding process, you should be thinking about where you want to get married. Below you can see the options in the different cities.

Denmark has two airports: Copenhagen Airport is located east, and Billund Airport is located west.

We advise that you choose Copenhagen Town Hall or Frederiksberg City Hall for those who want to land at Copenhagen Airport.

If you want to get married in Esbjerg/Ribe, you will land at Billund Airport.

You also have the opportunity to drive by car/bus/train from Germany to Denmark. You can choose Aeroe Town Hall, Tonder Town Hall, Esbjerg/Ribe Town Hall.

Get married in Copenhagen Town Hall

Get married in Frederiksberg Town Hall

Get married in Tonder Town Hall

Get married in Aeroe Town Hall

Get married in Esbjerg/Ribe Town Hall

Presenting documentation

We find that there is a difference between Town Halls and when they ask the bridal couple to submit original documents before they are shown in Denmark.

Our feedback from many bridal couples has been, that they must come to the Town Hall the day before the wedding and present original documents. There are other Town Halls who want the bridal couple to enter the same day as their wedding to submit the documents.

It is the Wedding Planner Denmark team's responsibility to know when to arrive at Town Hall and present your documents. We will inform you about this before you enter Denmark.


We find that hundreds of foreign bridal couples want to stay in one of the chosen locations. Therefore, town halls are much busier than others.

When submitting your documents and application for marriage to us, you must decide which location you would like to be devoted to before sending all your documents to the Agency of Family Law.

It can present challenges if you have selected a location, and you want to change the location. The date you first chose may be recorded in the other selected location. Therefore, you will have to be 100% sure of your choice.

If you would like us to book a time for you in the chosen location, please be quick to send all your documents to us so we can send them to the Agency of Family Law. Once the Agency of Family Law has approved your application, we can immediately book a day and time in the chosen location.