Wedding Planner Denmark

Why choose our hotel & wedding combo?

Get married in the nice area of Copenhagen, one of Denmark's many beautiful places. Exclusively if you choose to get married in Copenhagen or Frederiksberg, we can offer you this complete package with a romantic hotel stay with an outstanding view. You can sit back and let us coordinate everything from your paperwork to your hotel stay.

Whats included in the wedding & hotel?

– Receiving a structured and detailed documentation list
– Guide and assist you while gathering your documents
– Handle all legal documents,
– Process your application with The Danish Family Court, including handling all communication with The Danish Family Court
– Receiving detailed instructions on how to apply
– Guide and assist you while applying
– Booking the date for your wedding
– Booking and coordinating your registrar
– Booking your three days stay in a nice handpicked hotel. Includes breakfast
– The Danish Family Court application fee of €220 included

Price: 1499 €

About the Hotel

We handpicked a very nice hotel right next to “Rådhuspladsen” (City town square) in Copenhagen. In that way you are guaranteed the reel Copenhagen experience and everything is close to your base, while you are staying in Denmark. 

Wake up to a nice Breakfast every morning (Included) and start your day off in a relaxed atmosphere in the hotels restaurant.

We have chosen this specific Hotel called “The square” and there is a lot of thoughts put in to it.

Some of the big motivators was to find a high quality hotel very close to the central station, very close to the city town square, a hotel in a nice secure area and with a great possibility to experience some of the nice restaurants, bars or museums without any worries. 

If in doubt, please dont hesitate to contact us.  

Want Your Danish Wedding To Be Perfect And Memorable?

We have the experience, and can surely make your day perfect and outstanding.